Margret, Vienna

I’m sitting in my favorite café in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. I like it so much because it is right next to the beach and it is possible to overlook the sea. And the waiters are very friendly.

I LOVE Ibiza. For me, it is the best place in the world. At least in summer, from May to October. On this small island you can have everything. Nothing compares. You have really hot and upscale clubs, the most beautiful beaches, the craziest Hippie Market and very open-minded people. So I keep coming back. Meanwhile I’m here 3-4 times per year.

And Ibiza has one more attraction: ADRIANA. Adriana is often my host, when I’m staying here. Living most of her life in Munich, she is on the beautiful island of Ibiza for several years now. Adriana lives the life most of us dream of. She has the most beautiful apartment with lovely sea-view, she earns her living by doing what she loves and her motto is: Don’t dream your life, live your dream! Living on Ibiza she can enjoy the sun and the beach every day.

She loves what she does to earn her living: Yoga and Pilates on the beach. She offers it as a vacation package for her clients, also lots of successful business people from all over the world are coming to Adriana’s vacation. She enjoys cooking and healthy food. And she lives a life that allows her to cherish her sweet, gentle, feminine nature.

And the best thing is: Adriana loves to share her life with her guests. When you come to Ibiza to do Yoga or Pilates classes you will get by far more than you expected. Adriana, very personally, takes care of you. She shows you the most beautiful beaches on the island. She organizes boat-tours, massages and whatever you need to feel good. And she knows the best places to shop and to party. When you go out with Adriana, she is so funny and light that you really wish the night would never end (as she shows you also the places where to meet the hottest guys;)…

Already after three days, I can feel that my female energy is restored. I had three very tough month at work. Working as a consultant, I’m the only woman in a men-team. My job is very demanding and exhausting. But after some days with Adriana, I feel completely different. People even ask me sometimes if I had plastic surgery when I return home from Ibiza.

But the truth is much easier: I got a lot of energy from the female connection with Adriana. She has such a warm heart, is so much in service for her clients and really makes you feel like coming home. Additionally, I’m much fitter and lose wait from doing Yoga and Pilates every day at the beach. My skin is sun-tanned and I look much healthier.

When you spend your holidays with Adriana, you really get the best personal service possible. She makes you fitter, better looking, happier, as she is also a really good life coach and through the time with her you become more gentle and feminine. This gentle, sweet, feminine side is very attractive to men. So no matter if you are looking for a man or if you want to improve your existing relationship, you will come home with so much energy that you will be irresistible for the man you desire.

Adriana’s personal service is the best one you can get from a coach and Yoga/Pilates instructor in a precious environment – so close and @ the beach!