Welcome to my homepage!

Yoga & Meditation are all about support and trust.

Pilates is all about flow and movement.

All three bring your spirit and body into balance and allow your life energy, called “Prana”, to flow.

Together with Coaching, this combined training will help you to actively experience changes in your life. To make a dream out of your life and to make your dreams become a reality.

These methods have been a constant part of my life for many years and, even during difficult periods in my life, have helped me to stay focussed and in touch with myself.

I see it as a gift to be able to share these insights with people and to help them to:

  • Relax and feel good
  • Gain energy and be more conscious of mind and body
  • Develop an awareness of living one’s life in a good and positive way
  • Stay relaxed and playful.

These are my intentions when I teach. I practice them every day. You can do the same.

Thank you for your interest and maybe we’ll see each other soon in Ibiza!



KINESIOLOGICAL QUANTUM HEALING is an effective tool that can help you solve problems and blockages in all areas that are previously kinesiologically tested.


Then let us start together here in Ibiza, live the life LIGHT & GOOD to live and have fun !!

You are very welcome to the “BeLight” series on Ibiza right by the sea. We combine movement with relaxation (and possibly learn languages and set new goals ;-)) in a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere on the beautiful, quiet beach.

If you are already in Ibiza and you are interested in these methods, just call me! Thank you for your interest and see you soon!